Working On The Breaking ChainZ Mixtape

J.T. Pender during the most recent “Breaking ChainZ Mixtape” studio session.

It feels good to be back at it! And, in SoCal at that. Working with my homey Fides Rex in the studio right now, putting together a little welcome to San Diego, CA project called The Breaking ChainZ Mixtape. It will drop on Christmas day, and will be available as a free download directly  here on the JTPender.Com blog!

It’s still currently a work in progress, but we’ve switched the tempo up a little bit for this one from my last album, Affirmations. Anything goes in the studio on this one, so we just sittin back kickin whatever comes to mind. I love recording “mixtape” projects like this, because they are always  the rawest. Sometimes you just gotta crack open a fifth with the homies and let the creative vibes flow.

I will be posting clips of the Breaking ChainZ mixtape by Instagram Moments and Facebook Live feeds, so be sure to hit them up frequently. Stay up!


The New Shop is Up! (Get Affirmations For Free!)

What’s good everyone? Just wanted to let you all know my new shop is live! We’ve got a couple new logos, and a lot of new custom gear. And I’m selling my albums for direct download right here from my blog! 

In celebration, I’m offering my Affirmations album for free. All you have to do is add it to your cart and enter coupon code affirm2016%% . The code is good for the next month, so be sure to tell your people about it and have them cop it. IT’S 100% Free while the sale is on!





The Truth In Affirmations

JTP-Beats2What’s good everyone?   So, I “dropped’ my new album “Affirmations” a few weeks ago. A lot of my friends are telling me I never mentioned I had an album I was working on. I have been quiet about my promotion, but I’m always working on something when it comes to music. Affirmations is a special album for me, and I wanted to share it’s background.