Before J.T.: Two Decades Of Music Production

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been around music my entire life. My family had a makeshift studio in a converted garage growing up since I was a baby. A lot of people came through with whatever skill they had to put some tracks down for my mom’s projects.

I put out my first album 19 years ago. It was called “Real” and it stemmed from living in an environment where I was a mixed kid constantly struggling with fitting in where most the people around me weren’t my color. Some of those people made that clear. Most┬ápeople were accepting and we became friends.

I had a lot of frustrations and music let me vent in a positive way. It wasn’t all racial stuff, but to keep it shorter, let’s say I was a good kid with a good heart and a lot of pain and anger. Real was an album that let me vent through making beats and talking slick on them to things I wrote. Something positive.

In Loco Parentis (Music Video)

Filmed In The Los Angeles Fashion District. Directed by: Ryan Wise. Song written & produced in the rarest underground form by J.T. Pender. GameRunnaZ Records/True Audible Publishing. 100% Independent.

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J.T. Pender: The Breaking ChainZ Mixtape

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