J.T. Pender: No Apologies


J.T. Pender taps into all of his skills to produce his new solo album No Apologies. There is something special about an album when you can listen to every song and know that all of it is the direct result of the hard work of the artist who’s name is on it. Whether it’s the beat, the vocals, the keys, the guitar, the bass, or anything else that hits your ears, J.T. put his hands on it. Some of Hip Hop’s connoisseurs may appreciate that he mixed and mastered the album too.

But, what about the music of No Apologies? This album brings much more to the table than marginal notes and trivial anecdotes. No Apologies represents truly independent songwriting and production driven by real emotions. J.T. Pender doesn’t make music for luxury cars and mansions. He simply makes music to breathe.

Songs like “Numb” depict an artist with occasional modes of depression, who struggles to find happiness even in success. While others like “Walk Of Shame,” “Summer Drifting,” and “Welcome to the Party” depict somewhat eccentric and free-spirited partying themes.

Yet, relationships and love also have mass on this album. With the self-deprecating relationship hit “It Didn’t Even Matter” and the sadly romantic “Get Over It,” J.T. has managed to show the emotional side of an alpha rapper, without sounding unauthentic or cheesy.

No Apologies represents a successful murder of cliché rap albums as we know. No alibis needed.


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