Before J.T.: Two Decades Of Music Production

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been around music my entire life. My family had a makeshift studio in a converted garage growing up since I was a baby. A lot of people came through with whatever skill they had to put some tracks down for my mom’s projects.

I put out my first album 19 years ago. It was called “Real” and it stemmed from living in an environment where I was a mixed kid constantly struggling with fitting in where most the people around me weren’t my color. Some of those people made that clear. Most people were accepting and we became friends.

I had a lot of frustrations and music let me vent in a positive way. It wasn’t all racial stuff, but to keep it shorter, let’s say I was a good kid with a good heart and a lot of pain and anger. Real was an album that let me vent through making beats and talking slick on them to things I wrote. Something positive.

We Breaking ChainZ In 2017!

 IMG_2633It’s going to be a major year  for myself, GameRunnaZ Records, and True Audible. I’m currently mixing, mastering, and putting the final touches on The Breaking ChainZ mixtape. 

Breaking ChainZ is a personal milestone, because it marks the first project I’ve ever recorded since I moved to San Diego. I’ve got both my NW and my SoCal homeys adding character to it.  It’s good to be down here puttin’ in work in the California Sunshine.

This mixtape has a lot of character, and I’ve been working hard to put it together in a different way for ya’ll.  Like I said, currently putting the final touches on it… I got a couple other sounds/voices I’d like to hear on this before it goes “on wax.” I’m working on it right now.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to it so far, and I will be putting up another post with the actual release. Stay tuned, I don’t have a date (after-all it is a mixtape), but it’s coming up quick.

You will be able to download the album right here from my blog FOR FREE, so stay on it.

Much Love,