J.T. Pender EXISTENCE Album Back In The Works

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone….

In January of 2019, J.T. began working on his album “Existence,” which was began out of necessity in needing to vent the struggles of losing his mother to cancer and brother to a car accident during a hard week in November of the previous year.

What began as an EP that was supposed to cover the struggle between dark emotions and re-building the label in San Diego turned to a full album as the content kept flowing. Often dubbed a selfish album by J.T.  album due to it being primarily for self-reflection, and not tailored to the listener, Existence will prove to touch areas of life that most mainstream music doesn’t.

In the upcoming interview, J.T. explains why he postponed the album release due to the 2020 pandemic, and what has changed in outlook and his artistry. Stay tuned…

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New Incoming Single From J.T. Pender: Read Between The Lines

After taking a two year hiatus with his own music, J.T. Pender is back with a new single molded out of the quarantine. Read Between The Lines is a rugged and unfiltered take on the current climate with COVID-19.

Available 6/22!



Hollywood Puppet Show Season 2

Check out the new season of The Hollywood Puppet show on Fuse TV! It’s been a dope experience working with the awesome talented group of people on the “Reality TV” division of Eone. Season 2 features a lot of GameRunnaZ music, and is officially my first music composer credit for TV. Put together some music just for the show and it was a good time! It’s celebrities telling some of their craziest stories, replayed with puppets. Executive produced by Wilmer Valderrama. On your local cable, or watch online on Fuse TV.