Before J.T.: Two Decades Of Music Production

Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been around music my entire life. My family had a makeshift studio in a converted garage growing up since I was a baby. A lot of people came through with whatever skill they had to put some tracks down for my mom’s projects.

I put out my first album 19 years ago. It was called “Real” and it stemmed from living in an environment where I was a mixed kid constantly struggling with fitting in where most the people around me weren’t my color. Some of those people made that clear. Most people were accepting and we became friends.

I had a lot of frustrations and music let me vent in a positive way. It wasn’t all racial stuff, but to keep it shorter, let’s say I was a good kid with a good heart and a lot of pain and anger. Real was an album that let me vent through making beats and talking slick on them to things I wrote. Something positive.

I once thought that basketball was life to me. I used to eat, sleep, and breathe it…music was a hobby. I left in my first year of college, because I couldn’t deal with my coach…something covered in Frontin Backwardz (on the album). But now, looking back, I can’t believe I ever thought I could live without music. The beats, the rhymes, literally are…not to bite Tribe Called Quest, Life. I don’t know where I would of put all of my thought energies…shallow or deep…but they had to go somewhere.  I might be locked up or making some dumb decisions without somewhere to put my positive creative energy. That idea always set me back.

20 years later, I’m still not a household name, but I’ve literally had millions of views and streams and maybe more since before they had the internet like they do now. I’ve had my music placed on TV shows and movies. I’ve gotten messages and letters from people that tell me certain songs changed their life. And to be honest, what I didn’t understand as a kid making beats and frustrated rhymes, is that this is really what I wanted to do the whole time. I wanted to connect and inspire people through my music. I wanted to keep looking at the world as this big amazing place where anything could go down into a song and stay forever even after I’m gone. I always wanted to think outside the box.

In two days “Before J.T.” drops and it will encompass some of my most listened to songs over the last 16 years. It’s before I recreated myself from Tyroneus to J.T. Pender. It’s a 48 track album that shows my progression over the years of becoming the best at my craft that I can become. Some of the tracks are unreleased or pulled from shelves.  I left them raw like they were back in the day. Stream it everywhere. I will let ya’ll know when it’s live.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, and supporting me through a lifetime of producing this music and bangin’ these beats out. Get at me.


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